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South Coast Paper's Kenneth Loyd featured in Atlanta Tribune

On the first day of Kenneth “Kenny” Loyd and Paul Mitchell’s venture as business owners, the duo made a seven-figure investment into their paper converting, sales and marketing operation... Read article >

South Coast Paper featured by AT&T

Innovation through adaptation. Watch video >

Maplesville Scene For Commerical

The Clanton News, March 2010 - Friday afternoon offered a change of pace for Chilton County residents as well as a California film crew, some of whom spent their first days absorbing rich Southern culture and cooking... Read article >

SCE Honors South Coast Paper

Black Voice News, February 2010 - Southern California Edison (SCE) recently celebrated its 8th Annual Black History Month Celebration, “Connecting The Evolution of Electricity to Black History”, at its Customer Technology Application Center in Irwindale... Read article >

South Coast Paper Celebrates Anniversary

The Clanton Advertiser, December 2008 - December marks the third year anniversary of South Coast Paper opening the doors of its facility in Maplesville... Read article >

BOISE Inc. and SCP Launch Aspen® Diverse Earth™

Boise Inc. Press Release, October 2008 - Diverse Earth™ paper was developed in partnership between Boise® and South Coast Paper to address environmental, social and economic sustainability--the triple bottom line... Read article >